Can't capture SpeechChat output on Mac
I wanted to use SpeechChat to speak chat contents, but to capture it in Audio Hijack and redirect it to my headphones only.

However, for either Chrome or Safari, SpeechChat doesn't produce sound from the browser in a way that Audio Hijack can hear. It seems like SpeechChat is using a separate output path than typical noise-producing browser contents like YouTube, but I cannot figure out what or how to access it. It's not spinning up TTS processes or anything that I can see... but it does make noise on the system output.

For presumably the same reason, Chrome extensions that try to change the output device to something else don't work for SpeechChat either.

What can I do to capture the SpeechChat contents? I'm happy to use another browser.

P.S. Audio Hijack can capture the system output and, in turn, the SpeechChat sound, but for my purposes this doesn't work for me, because I am also capturing iTunes output separately... so I need a solution to capture and direct SpeechChat's sound.
I'm having similar problems with speech chatm

I could hear audio from the computer if I played a YouTube clip with my audio going into my Android clip capture. But I cannot hear my own audio from the video game.

I'll do a test tomorrow if the video game that is delayed produces speech but I can't hear it live, then there must be multiple outputs for McIntosh because sometimes I can hear my game audio other times I can't. If the speech aunt is on the same track as video game music then all we have to do is have an option to make it say change to macos speech mode and they could be separated from the video game and be heard Independence of the video game and mix so too.

By the way I use a sound program known as soundflower.

If the results are what I think it is then basically the sound always goes in the sound flower bed.

There should be a switchable option to choose whether speech check goes into stereo stream a or stereo stream b.

I'll find out tomorrow when I test stream and see people can hear me and the game on Twitch.