Personality voice not working
I thought this was suppose to assign different voices to each user but i guess it just changes pitch and speed of the same voice? either way it has no effect on the voice at all
The personality voice option will only changes pitch and speed of the same voice. If you want different voices to each user, you have to add each user to user group and assign different voices in each users' advanced options.
Also, I should point out that SpeechChat is not supported well on mobile device currently.
It used to work before, but now all the voices are read out loud with the same pitch and speed, no matter who sends the message. Please, fix this as all my viewers are complaining that the voice isn't the same anymore Sad
Unfortunately, it seems that the latest version of Chrome (v.74.0.3729.169) has problems changing the pitch and rate of locally installed voices (e.g. Mircosoft TTS).

You can avoid this by using Google Voice or using a different browser.
I really miss the personality voice feature.

I've tried the current versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox - but in none of them do I discern the feature working (or at least not nearly as obviously as I remember it).

Can you recommend a browser where you believe it is currently working?  Could we maybe have a value to adjust to exaggerate it?
I have tested it on the current version Chrome and Edge and it worked as it is but it was not that obvious most of the time.

We are currently completely rebuilding a new version of SpeechChat, which will take some time. This adjustment function will be added to the rebuild version.