See what we are planning!
Here is the list what we are planning to implement.
  • User group advanced options (custom username pronunciation) will apply to the name that someone @ he/she on chat.
  • Stop reading deleted messages.
  • Option to replace urls and specific sentences with customized string.
  • Option to set custom omission tags. Message between tags will be muted. 
  • Option to change the voice speed, pitch and volume for normal user.
  • !voice command to let users change their voices and languages.
  • Cooldown timer for "!speak" command on per user base.
  • Use "!speakcount" command to show remain times a user can use "!speak" command today.
  • Support BrowserSource on OBS Studio.
Implemented list:
  • Option to force scrolling to the most recent message even if you had scrolled up.
  • Option to turn off the auto switch to English voice on roman letters when using Asian language voices.
  • Separate the message format of whispers and general chat.
  • Add the keyword "$viewers$" to the welcome event message.
  • Keyword filter (filter out user defined keywords and emoticons on chats, numbers on usernames).
  • Option to remove oldest messages after specific time.
  • Option to hide the right panel.