new user setup
I was introduced to your program yesterday in a Twitch stream.  I'd like to use it on my stream.  How do I go about setting it up?  I'm streaming on Twitch using OBS
Steps to connect to your Twitch account:
[Image: STrIrtw.jpg]
[Image: dp3QGyU.jpg]
[Image: IIAAdb3.jpg]
4. Once your Twitch account is connected, let SpeechChat run in the background just like the normal Twitch chat.


The first thing you may want to do after connected to the chat room is to change the speech language:
[Image: y49CTNl.jpg]
[Image: Ce9BZg1.jpg]
New to this and trying to set it up. How do I know which language the voice is for? I only see names with no language.

Edit: feel stupid now...checked again and now I see Google and Microsoft voices with languages. Before there were only lots of names...strange
hola , una pregunta como puedo poner SpeechChat en dos aplicaciones nuevas como ,trovo y facebook , necesito saber si se puede y como lo hago , un saludo