Scaling character length
It would be a nice option to be able to scale your character limits based upon the current amount of viewers.

Essentially, you would be able to make it to where the bot would automatically read more of each message when you have less viewers and less of each message when you have more viewers. This speechchat is fantastic, but it can really struggle when the viewership reaches 1000+ even with heavy controls in place. I've tuned its efficiency about as streamlined as I can get it, and I am still capping out. A wandering character limit would really help to react to the ebbs and flows of viewership.

Also, unrelated, but the program seems unstable when more than 300 are viewing it. It usually starts freaking out every other hour or so and starts reading the ENTIRE new follower list from the beginning of the stream and spams it in chat. We usually just laugh it off and I take a moment to refresh the page and start it all over, but it happens pretty regularly... figured I would mention it.