Twitch Channel Point Events
In their current state, the twitch channel point redemption is not recognized or read by the speech chat browser.  If somebody redeems channel points (such as Posture Check), there is no way to get speech chat to announce it.

Could there be an option for us to enable those events being read?

I play simulation games where my focus is 99% on the aircraft and battle space management.  I rely exclusively on speech chat to read me the comments so that I can respond to them instantly, even while in the middle of an intense dogfight.  Speech chat works so well for that, but it only falls short on channel point redemption.  If somebody redeems points and I am not looking at the chat when they do it, it might be scrolled past too quickly before I have a chance to glace at the chat and notice it.  For this reason, I have been extremely hesitant to enable channel point features except for queue enabled things such as suggestions/feedback (since I can just review those later and have them still serve their purpose)

If Speechchat had the option to read the channel point events, it would make a huge difference for me.

Either way, thanks so much for this wonderful program.  It is one of my favorite and most heavily relied upon tools.