Minimum requirements for speechchat reading smart speaker
I've been having issues on twitch wirh speech chat. I could see my own text and hear my own text I type in but my friend cannot login. This is because I was using speech chat on my Macintosh using chrome but I was broadcasting on my Android using screen capture.

also the main reason I want to use speech chat so I could keep my eyes on the road and not on the map.

I was thinking since I have one device to organize my video in OBS another device to do the physical broadcasting to Twitch using an Android and streamlabs,. Maybe I could get a third device,. Something with either a speaker or 3.5 mm output that could read live text and speak it as I'm playing live.

that is the sole purpose of this device. I want one that doesn't have its own cell phone plan so I don't spend monthly money when I could just buy device and get it done with wifi

also I like it as cheap as possible because that's literally the only thing I plan to do with it.

I called Amazon and they told me that there echoes cannot read continuous chat on a website.

First of all did Amazon say that cuz they're not aware of speech chat? if so could you tell us how to look at our own text website and have an Amazon Echo recite the chant as it happens?

Is there a different Brand smart speaker that can utilize this?

I just went the cheapest simplest thing to buy once and just have it speak text. and if I need to edit it in any way for saying different things I could just use a computer and log in. But for the mean text reading I just want a cheap $10 to $30 speaker that could just keep reciting chat and not get interrupted doing anything else.

Any suggestions!