How to reset the config file of SpeechChat?
  • Go to
  • 1. Click the "Settings" button near the top left corner to open a selection menu.
  • 2. Click "Settings" on the opened menu to open the "Settings" dialog.

    [Image: I1gRFkg.jpg]

  • 3. Click "Manage Apps" on the left panel of the "Settings" dialog.
  • 4. Find "SpeechChat" from the list of apps.
  • 5. Click "OPTIONS" button on the left side of "SpeechChat" app to open a selection menu.
  • 6. Click "Delete hidden app data" and a confirm dialog will be shown up. Click the "DELETE" button on the confirm dialog.

    [Image: Av1Rmrs.jpg]

  • That's all.