Picarto.TV support (Art Streaming Service)
I'm an artist who desperately needs a way to focus on my art without looking up at the chat every time someone types something. It slows me down so much, but I still want to stream. I was ecstatic when I learned about this service but then I found out it doesn't support Picarto. I just lost it.  [Image: cry.png]   Picarto is still smaller than most streaming services due to the fact it's artists making art. If there was support for Picarto.TV, I could be more responsive, productive, and maybe with a little luck, more entertaining.

They have their own API here.

Thanks for making this app/program.     I beg you, PLEASE BE AWESOME AND  Big Grin MAKE IT WORK WITH PICARTO.TV…?

From your favorite stranger, Ero Jasper. Smile