Twitch Host and Raid Announcements
When my channel gets hosted or raided by another streamer I get the welcome notifications for each of the new users, which is great - but I never hear anything about who did the host/raid.

Is it possible to have SpeechChat announce the host/raid?  I dont need fireworks to go off or anything, but hearing who it came from and maybe the number of new viewers would be great.
[Image: 0mYdAei.png]

Hmm...  perhaps there is a bug?  I just looked through the SpeechChat options and do find this tab on Events for Hosting.  But I'm reasonably certain I never hear the announcement - I'll have to double check the next time it happens.  I wonder if there is also a difference if the other streamer Raids you - which does implicitly host as well but maybe the event is different?
I have just tested the hosting event and it works fine. The event only triggered when your channel is live streaming.

I am still figuring out how the raiding api works.
I would still love to get raid announcement support!
Thanks for reminding, lots of things happened during this time, I have forgotten this. Anyways, The raid event will be implemented soon.