SpeechChat Allows Trolls To Take Over Stream
I was using SpeechChat to allow free TTS during my stream when all of a sudden all my mods and viewers were kicked from the stream and the only ones left were the trolls. My mods could not remove the trolls or their comments. What is up with that? Talk about a serious flaw.

Also since then my Streamlabs is only accepting donations but not playing the audio for TTS and media. I am assuming it all has to do with this website.

Any thoughts as to how the trolls took over my chat or how this can be prevented? Is it possible my TTS is not being read due to a flaw with this website?

Thanks for your help.
My guess is someone hacked into yours or your mods streaming platform account.

First thing you should do is to change the password of your account.

Another thing I suggest is to go to following links and disconnect suspicious apps:
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections
YouTube: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions
Mixer: https://mixer.com/mixer(hub:me/account/oauth)

In addition, I recommend that you report this issue to the streaming platform so they can take action on the hacker.