Can't see entire control panel drop down menu
Is there a way to either move or open the control panel in a separate window? it's to far to the left when i choose a voice for someone and cuts off the sliders. The voice selection list gets cut a little too... not sure if theres another way to change those options outside of loading up the
There is no way to doing it currently. If I guess right, you are using speechchat on a mobile device. We are planning on creating a mobile version but it is not likely to be implemented in the near future.
it happens on the desktop browser, after about five names, the speaking voice selection is barely viewable and is sometime impossible to scroll one at a time though the options. Each name the menu drop lower and lower until its off the browser
I think I understand the issue now. We will change the options dialog placement to fix it.
I just release an update, let me know if it helps or not. Thanks.