Beta version change log (last updated: 2020/07/17)
  • New feature - Twitch raiding event.

  • Bug fix - YouTube chat keeps repeating the last message.

  • Bug fix - An error occurred while receiving messages from Twitch normal users.

  • Bug fix - Changing the pitch of Microsoft voice on some browsers will cause the TTS stop working.

  • Bug fix - Adjust the user group user advance options dialog placement to fit smaller window.

  • Bug fix - User group was unable to distinguish Twitch moderators.

  • Revision - Terminate speech tag should now working when there is no space immediately after the tag.
This is the archived changelog. For current changelog, go here.

  • New feature - Separate the message format of whispers and general chat.
  • New feature - Added the keyword "$viewers$" to the welcome event message.
  • New feature - Added the keyword "$followers$" to the follower event message.
  • New feature - Added the keyword "$subscribers$" to the subscriber event message.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Remove ads (For donators only).

  • New option (on/off switch) - Read emoticons in messages.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Auto switch to English voice (for Asian language voices only).

  • Bug fix - "Pronunciation of your name" was not working.
  • Bug fix - The live status tooltips were not showing up.

  • New feature - Implemented the YouTube chatter list.
  • Improvement - Users will be added to chatter list once they post a message.

  • Improvement - Emoticons will now display on the send message input box.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Display tiny platform logos on chat.

  • Improvement - Implemented dynamic loading in order to reduce the initial loading time and save bandwidth.
  • Bug fix - The menu background color and the logo text color on light theme were not correct.

  • Internal issue - Migrated to the new web host. If you are having any problem to access our website, please post on this forum or contact us by email

  • Bug fix - User group -> Advanced options were not working on broadcaster(yourself).
  • Bug fix - SpeechChat did not reconnect to YouTube automatically when authorization error occurs.
This is the archived changelog. For current changelog, go here.

  • New option - Terminate speech tag (Stop reading the message after this tag).

  • New option - Character limit on speech.
  • New feature - basic support on Mixer's Skills system. Currently, only static icons will be displayed.
  • Improvement - rewrote the emoji system.
  • Bug fix - Muting message by keyword was not working as supposed.
  • Bug fix - gifted subscriptions on Twitch were not working.
  • Bug fix - Mixer's emote icons were not working correctly.

  • Bug fix - read and post events were not working.

  • New option (on/off switch) - Always scroll to the most recent message.

  • New feature - Bug report.
    [Image: 8HWhkej.jpg]

  • New feature - Reward system for everyone to earn free stars. You can find the entry page (that comes with the donation page) by clicking the bar that shows your current amount of stars.
    [Image: EFtcJgz.jpg]
    [Image: hfqTGaV.jpg]

  • New feature - Keyword filtering.
    [Image: yOcyQQj.jpg]
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read numbers in messages.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read symbols in messages.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read numbers in usernames.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read symbols in usernames.
  • Bug fix - When people subscribe to your YouTube channel, it keep spam announcing past subscribes in chat.
  • Bug fix - The login timeout limit was not renew on login causing SpeechChat disconnect from your Google Driver after 2 weeks even if you have logged-in during the period.

  • Improvement - Improved the auto-scroll module.

  • New option - Chat fade (remove oldest messages after specific time).
  • New feature - toggle to hide the right and the bottom panel.