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F.A.Q. - user group - admin - 09-17-2017

Here is a simple figure to explain how the user group functioning:

[Image: 5kvqQbJ.jpg]


How to mute my chatbot from text to speech?

How to mute myself from text to speech?

How to mute everyone but myself from text to speech?

RE: F.A.Q. - user group - Mason Milburn Vlogs - 03-28-2020

can you do this to change the voice speed

RE: F.A.Q. - user group - TeVaCarnal - 08-01-2022

Use this link to --> Do not read spam bots/users

RE: F.A.Q. - user group - LoboRamirez - 11-30-2022

Como cambio el idioma solo me aparece ruso y estadounidense