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Full Version: Audio text not going to bluetooth AV port.
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I am testing my android to see if I can stream using Visible Wireless (unlimited 5-12 M in, 2-5 N out while tethrred, no wuantity limit).

Im using an XMPOW bluetooth audio sender or receiver.

On my apple mac the audio goes to the XMPOW. the anroid will not.

I meed to use my Android because my home internet only has 1.5 megabits in 400 kilobits out for the whole family

I have tested and was able to twitch out. but I don't know how to have speech chat running in the background on Android 9 or Android 10 and have that audiopipe buy a Bluetooth into my XMPOW.

once I get that I'll test to see if I could broadcast out using streamlabs Android app and tethering simultaneously via visible wireless hotspot.